Born in South London, Davey La started playing drums at the age of five. He transitioned to front man at fifteen when nobody showed up for lead vocalist auditions, and has never looked back.

A multi-instrumentalist, Davey writes, sings and plays guitar, bass, piano and drums, and is just as comfortable at the mixing desk as he is in front of a microphone. He wrote, arranged, engineered, produced and performed every song on the Ambershades record Clap Clap Clap, an album that received critical and commercial success in the UK. His debut solo E.P. won him a number of awards including International Songwriter of the Year.

Davey relocated from London to New York City in 2005 where he spent almost fifteen years playing shows and recording music. In 2019, he moved to Nashville to concentrate on the craft of songwriting. 




All Hail The King!

Music Video Shoot
Los Angeles, CA

Davey flew to Los Angeles to shoot the King music video with acclaimed director Peter Dobson last week.

Two years in the making, it took five days of relentless shooting and a cast of young talent to bring Peter's vision to life. 

Pics and videos to follow!

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